How elevator ads
help brands reach
missed audiences.
Turn waiting into wanting.
The power of elevator advertising

Elevators are fixtures of modern life, a distraction-free pause, where audiences pay attention. Vertical Impressions helps brands turn these overlooked moments into prime advertising space.

4 trips

avg daily elevator rides per person


avg length of an elevator ride

5 riders

avg number of people per elevator ride

The power of elevator ads

Turn waiting
into wanting
Ensure your ads are seen, not overlooked.
Turn waiting into wanting.

Elevators are fixtures of modern urban living, providing a distraction-free pause in a chaotic world. Vertical Impressions helps brands transform these often-overlooked moments into prime advertising opportunities, reaching audiences effectively as they go about their everyday lives.

4 trips

avg daily elevator rides


avg length of an elevator ride

5 riders

avg per elevator ride

Be the focus

Elevator ads captivate where DOOH can't —  Unlike typical outdoor ads that compete in a crowded visual field, our elevator screens place your brand front and center

Engaged audiences

Don't settle for split-second glances, our dynamic elevator screens engage captive riders with relevant infotainment, like news, weather, sports, and more.

High frequency engagement

Elevators provide frequent exposure as riders take multiple trips daily. This constant interaction reinforces your brand message, making it more memorable with each ride.

Engaged audiences

Don't Settle For Split-Second Glances, Our Dynamic Elevator Screens Engage Captive Riders With Relevant Information, Making Every Ad Impression Count.

Connect with your audience as they go about their daily routine

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