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Who is Vertical Impression?


Vertical Impression is Canada’s largest combined residential and commercial elevator advertising network. It’s also the only out-of-home advertising network in the world that provides digital-style audience analytics and the ability to target gender, age, and other demographic properties. 

Not only are we the fastest growing elevator network in North America, but our AI-powered system allows advertisers to understand what’s working with their out-home campaigns.

How does your system differ from your competitors?


Our system anonymously captures audience interaction data during each campaign. We use this data to provide you answers to questions like:

• Which ad performed the best?
• Which demographic groups were most engaged with the ads?
• How can I optimize my campaign performance?
• How did my campaign perform over time?
• What geographic locations performed the best?

In 2020, our digital screen software achieved the internationally renowned standard for privacy compliance, Privacy by Design, by following their best practices in protecting consumer privacy. We give you audience insight without sacrificing consumer privacy.

What is your pricing?


Our pricing is competitive with all other elevator screen providers. With Vertical Impression, you just get more bang for your buck, thanks to detailed audience analytics, the ability to target your ads to different demographics, a national screen network, and online campaign reporting.

Do your screens use facial recognition?


No, our screens use anonymous audience detection. The difference is important as it’s central to privacy. With audience detection, all our camera "sees" are vectors and numbers translated into code, not real images. The screen is a one-way data reader that counts generic attributes completely anonymously.

Our platform cannot recognize if an individual takes multiple trips in an elevator. It will count each trip as a new data point and has no memory or recall of previous trips.

Learn more about privacy and our Privacy by Design certification here.

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