Reach students & campus visitors with elevator advertising

Target a young, diverse, and intellectually curious audience on college & university campuses.

The power of campus elevator advertising

College and university campuses are vibrant hubs of energy, intellectual curiosity, and future leaders. Our elevator ad network positions your brand directly in the path of this dynamic audience, maximizing engagement throughout their day.

  • Academic Buildings
  • Student Centres & Common Areas
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Libraries
  • On-campus housing

Who You're Reaching

Target students, educators, and the broader campus community with relevant messaging

University and college campuses encompass a mix of students with varied interests, faculty focused on education and research, staff supporting campus operations, and visitors attending events or utilizing campus facilities.
in spending power is held collectively by college students
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The Attention Challenge

Can your marketing keep up with the fast-paced campus lifestyle?

Students often lead busy, schedule-driven lives, balancing coursework, extracurriculars, and social activities. Traditional advertising channels like flyers, pre-roll, or digital ads can easily get lost in the shuffle.
of Gen Z press ‘skip’ on ads
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Your Message, Unmissable

Deliver impactful messaging to a captive audience in a focused academic environment.

Elevator ads offer a unique, eye-level engagement in spaces where students and campus audiences transition between classes, meetings, or events. Combine elevator ads with other marketing channels to maximize impact of ads that promote campus resources, local businesses, or products and services relevant to their lifestyle.
increase in paid social effectiveness with elevator ads.
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Elevate Your Campaigns with Precision Targeting

Harness the power of location-based, audience-centric, and contextually aware advertising. Reach your ideal customers when they are most likely to engage with your brand.

Target by Context

Align your messaging with the moment – reach audiences during specific times, days, or utilize real-time triggers for maximum impact.

Target by Audience

Connect with the people most likely to engage with your brand, based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Target by Location

Deliver ads to specific buildings, neighborhoods, or points of interest, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant audience.

Effortlessly launch your campaigns

Our seamless integration with leading programmatic networks allows you to tap into a vast ecosystem of advertising opportunities. Reach your target audience with precision, leverage data-driven insights, and unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising.

Take your campaigns to new heights and achieve remarkable results with Vertical Impression's trusted Programmatic partners.

Local Focus,
National Reach

From coast to coast, we’re the fastest growing elevator advertising network in North America.

Start planning a smarter campaign today.