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Vertical Impression @ DPAA Canada Summit

Celebrating Excellence in OOH

June 14, 2024

The DPAA Canada Summit was quite the event. My mind is still buzzing from all the expertise shared. I’m really excited about the buzz Vertical Impression generated. We’ve spent a lot of time innovating with our tech and delivering results for clients. If I had one main takeaway, it’s that as an industry, we win together when we leverage each other’s unique strengths.

Speaking of winning together, one of the highlights was presenting our very first Programmatic Pioneer Award, a milestone for us and a celebration of the most engaging programmatic campaigns on our network. A huge congrats to Scotiabank , Talon OOH Canada , PHD , and Vistar Media , who took home the award for their outstanding work on the Scotiabank Investments campaign.

This campaign achieved an impressive 7% higher attention than any other programmatic campaign this year. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the power of precise targeting, creative excellence, and strategic alignment.

While the Programmatic Pioneer Award was the first taste, at the end of the year we will be awarding even more talented teams to recognize the amazing work being done with OOH creative. Because the Vertical Impression Awards are where creativity meets data, and where the only bias is towards brilliance. Every campaign running on our network in 2024 is eligible.

During the DPAA Canada Summit, we also took part in a panel interview where we discussed early statistics from our new reporting suite for the UberEats x Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) campaign. The most notable takeaway was the link between active attention time and recall rates. Our new metrics revealed that the average active attention time for the UberEats x CGT campaign was 5.1 seconds. Remarkably, over 66% of the viewers engaged with the ad for more than 2.5 seconds, showing no signs of ad fatigue. This directly matched with the ad recall rate of 66%, significantly higher than their typical rate of 40%. It's an early reinforcement that active attention beyond 2.5 seconds is critical for optimizing recall.

An interesting point discussed during the panel was the comparison of our campaign’s performance against traditional OOH. According to Lumen Research, the average stare time for traditional OOH ads is between 1 and 2 seconds. In contrast, our UberEats x CGT campaign achieved an average stare time of 5.1 seconds, demonstrating the effectiveness of good creative to capture and hold audience attention. Big congrats to the team for their campaign.

We’re excited about the buzz Vertical Impression generated at the event and the promising future of out-of-home advertising. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new features and metrics that will push the boundaries of what’s possible. We look forward to recognizing more exceptional campaigns and sharing more insights.

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