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Introducing the Campaign Intelligence Suite

With this launch we continue our mission to elevate the OOH industry by providing meaningful data and insights to our partners

June 27, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the Campaign Intelligence Suite, a game-changer for the OOH industry. Built with our cutting-edge Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) tech, the Campaign Intelligence Suite delivers 24/7 insights and data that allow advertisers to make informed decisions and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

The Campaign Intelligence Suite offers several benefits:

  • New metrics and visualizations that provide valuable insights into audience engagement and the overall effectiveness of the campaign
  • Real-time access to campaign data to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions throughout the campaign lifecycle
  • A modern, intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate and explore your campaign data

President & cofounder, Nicolette Leonardis has this to say about the release: 

“Our Campaign Intelligence Suite unlocks new possibilities for in-depth analysis and optimization, making it a vital tool for brands, media buyers, and advertising agencies. We're excited to see the impact this powerful suite of tools will have on our clients' campaigns and their ability to connect with their target audiences.

Updated Ad Attention Metrics

Our unique Ad Attention metric, derived from Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), helps you identify which audiences are most engaged with your campaign. AVA uses AI pattern detection algorithms to analyze video feeds, accounting for factors such as lighting, screen position, and updates to facial detection and demographic analysis algorithms. This innovative approach allows us to measure audience engagement and provide valuable insights for optimizing your campaigns. 

New Metrics and Visualizations for Campaign Analysis

We've introduced a variety of new metrics and visualizations to help you better understand your campaign's performance. And rest assured, we only show results when we have high confidence or if they are statistically significant. After all, we believe in quality over quantity.

Audience Demographic Breakdown by Age and Gender: Like having a crystal ball for your campaign audience, these detailed charts for age and gender demographics  give you insight into the composition of your audience. 

Audience Ad Attention by Demographic: Gain insights into how each demographic group is engaging with your ads. This metric empowers you to understand which audience segments are responding best to your campaigns and helps inform future ad targeting. Think of it as your personal guide to finding your campaign’s top audience.

Ad Attention by Creative Over Time: Examine fluctuations in ad attention across demographics and creatives throughout your campaign. This visualization helps you identify which creatives are most effective and when audience attention is at its highest. It's like having a bird's-eye view of your ad's performance over time.

24/7 Access to Campaign Data 

Working late at the office, or just craving a midnight snack of insights? No problem! We provide real-time access to your campaign data, updated daily. You’ll always have the freshest insights at your fingertips. This unique attribute in the OOH world gives you the ability to monitor your campaign's performance and make data-driven decisions even as your campaign evolves.

User-Friendly Design and Navigation

Our updated reporting suite makes navigating your data as smooth as an elevator ride to the top floor. It features an intuitive design that allows you to easily explore your campaign data. With new quick-access navigation buttons, hover functionality for charts, and improved chart descriptions, you'll have access to a new layer of convenience and accessibility in the reporting experience. 

The Campaign Intelligence Suite offers a powerful set of tools to help you gain valuable insights into your advertising campaigns. With its user-friendly design, round-the-clock access to data, and comprehensive new metrics and visualizations, the Campaign Intelligence Suite is the ultimate tool for optimizing your creative for maximum impact. 

We invite all our clients, media buying agencies, and key brands to experience the benefits of the new suite and elevate their advertising strategies to new heights.

Start planning a smarter campaign today.