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Five secrets of residential advertising you need to know.

Why residential advertising needs to be a part of your marketing plan.

January 7, 2021

So, you want to know the secrets of residential advertising?

Good, because we’re going to share them with you — but not before we talk a little bit about why you need to know them, and why residential advertising might be the biggest blind spot in your marketing strategy.

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been… interesting. Without dwelling too much on what happened, one of the most obvious side-effects of 2020’s events is many people spending much more time at home than ever before.

But here’s where that blind spot comes into play. Traditional DOOH marketing is widely used in commercial areas. Malls, public spaces, and areas around office blocks used to be busy areas where DOOH could pull in a huge audience. That’s no longer the case.

In fact, footfall in commercial spaces is still down at around 25% of pre-COVID levels. Very few people are venturing far from home these days, and all the data suggests that this situation is not going to change any time soon.

However, footfall around residential areas and estates is already back up to 90% of pre-COVID levels.

What does this mean?

It means that if you want to reach your audience with DOOH (one of the fastest-growing marketing channels of the last 2 years) then you need to take your campaign right to their doorstep. Or, more specifically, the elevator that takes them to their doorstep.

Five tips to get the most out of residential advertising.

And that brings us to the secrets you need to know if you are going to get the best results from residential advertising.

By leveraging this knowledge you’ll find that residential advertising is much more than just a current necessity — it’s a potential game-changer.

1. Meet your audience where they are.

Remember where your audience will be when they see your content. At home — the place they feel safest and most comfortable.

Your advertising should try and tap into this feeling and use it to your advantage.

People see the screens in their residential elevators as a source of valuable information. This can include:

  • Announcements from Building Management
  • Local and global updates about news and weather
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Public health messages

Basically, content that is useful and relevant to your audience. You should make your advertising just as useful and relevant.

Also, remember how frequently your audience will see your ad. Each resident rides the elevator an average of 4 times per day, so chances are they’ll see your ad a lot.

Reinforcing a positive message that speaks to your audience is sure to make them feel right at home with your brand.

2. Go deeper to really get to know your audience

Most marketers have a pretty good idea of who they’re marketing to, but how well do you really know your audience?

We’re not just talking about what they like, where they shop and how much they earn. We’re talking about who they are — their habits, their hopes and dreams, pain points and what they really value in the companies they choose to spend money with.

This is important if you want to take full advantage of the fact that you have a captive audience in residential elevators, and to make sure you convey a powerful message in line with our first tip.

The obvious first place to start with this is the data you already have about your customers

But if you want to create a deeper connection — you need to go deeper with your data.

How about adding some of the below sources to the data from your CRM?

  • Previous campaign performance

Analyzing the performance of past marketing campaigns will let you know what your customers respond to the best.

  • Competitor activity

We’re not saying you should rip your competition off or anything, but taking a bit of inspiration from companies that nail their messaging can be a handy way to find new ideas. 

  • Survey responses, feedback forms and other types of engagement

You should listen to it all (good and bad). And if you’re not conducting surveys or giving customers the chance to give you feedback — you’re missing out on a potential goldmine of insight.

  • Customer personas

Creating detailed customer personas is a great way to put a face and a name to your audience. Research is key to success, as is using every scrap of data you can get your hands on.

3. Create messaging that appeals to "at-home" mindset.

The feeling of “home” gives you a unique opportunity to speak to people when they are relaxed and comfortable. Thinking about the mindset and needs of people living in residential towers, plus connecting with them at the right moment is the key. 

The thought of a better sleep on that new mattress, wanting a nice cup of coffee in the morning or thinking about your finances. These are just a few examples of the many things that go through our heads when we feel at home. Use those to your benefit when promoting your brand.

4. Go detailed on your targeting

Now you know your customers better than they know themselves and you know how to reach out to them. Let’s take a look at how specific targeting can help you deliver the perfect message at the perfect time.

Using DOOH for residential advertising enables a level of detail in your targeting that simply isn’t possible anywhere else other than online.

With most traditional DOOH marketing, the delivery of your content might be happening digitally, but the targeting is anything but. In fact, you don’t have much choice other than to target anyone who happens to be passing by.

The great thing about residential towers is the amount of data you have about the people inside them, the people you know are going to be consuming your ads.

Here, the delivery and the targeting of your DOOH campaign are both truly digital — giving you all the benefits of super-specific targeting based on:

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Income
  • Age
  • Buying patterns 
  • And, many more metrics

5. Get expert help

Getting out-of-home marketing right can be a tricky business. Fortunately, at Vertical Impression we’ve made it our tricky business.

We have been doing this for years. We know how to make sure our clients get the most out of their DOOH budget, and we can help you do the same.

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