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Elevate Your Ad Performance: Introducing the Engagement Pulse!

With Vertical Impression’s Engagement Pulse, Canadian Programmatic Advertisers can unlock meaningful observations. Because the future of advertising isn’t just seen, it’s felt and measured.

December 5, 2023

In the bustling world of elevator advertising, data isn't just about numbers; it's a story waiting to be told. Starting today we’re expanding our analytics offering to better serve Canadian programmatic advertisers, with the Engagement Pulse. You’ll get a detailed look at your campaign’s performance, cutting through the noise to deliver meaningful observations. 

What's Inside the Report?

Leveraging our state-of-the-art Anonymous Audience Analytics technology, this report serves as a snapshot of key aspects of your programmatic campaign:

  • Campaign Summary: Review essential metrics like ad buy, impressions, and markets.
  • Engagement Highlights: A visual guide showing where your campaigns excel, including top-performing demographics, locations and results.

Why This Matters for Advertisers:

  • Instant Feedback: Get a clear picture of the top data from your campaign
  • Strategize Better: Use the data to refine and strengthen your next campaign.
  • Understand Audience Engagement: Dive deeper than just numbers. Learn about the engagement your ads are receiving.

How To Get Access:

In partnership with Rogers, we offer a seamless process to get the Programmatic Engagement Pulse. Simply purchase your ad placements through HiveStack, Place Exchange, Vistar, or BroadSign, and contact your Rogers sales representative to opt-in. After your campaign is finished we’ll provide you with a link to access your data.


"Elevator advertising is not just about plastering a brand message. It's about connecting, engaging, and resonating. The Engagement Pulse is our way of ensuring that every brand can achieve just that." 

-  Nicolette Leonardis, President Vertical Impression

Harness the power of refined performance to maximize every advertising opportunity. Let the Engagement Pulse be the tool that guides your brand's narrative in elevators.

Start planning a smarter campaign today.