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Advertising to High-Income Renters

The Power of Elevator Advertising in Luxury Apartments

June 21, 2024

Major cities across North America are witnessing an unprecedented surge in demand for luxury apartment living. This rapidly growing demand is fueled by a rising class of high-income earners who are opting for premium rental lifestyles over traditional homeownership. With their sophisticated amenities, convenient urban locations, and architecturally stunning designs, luxury apartments cater to an affluent demographic that values convenience, quality of life, and elevated living spaces.

The Luxury Rental Boom: A Lucrative Market Opportunity 

The luxury apartment market has shown remarkable resilience, even during economic downturns. The trend indicates a significant surge in construction, with over 400,000 luxury apartments being built annually. This boom is fueled by the growing number of high-income renters. Since 2010, the number of renters earning over $200,000 annually has quadrupled, driving the demand for upscale living spaces.

Factors Fueling the Demand for Luxury Rentals 

Several key factors contribute to the appeal of luxury apartment living among affluent renters:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Many high-income individuals value the freedom and low-maintenance lifestyle that rental living affords, aligning with the preferences of millennials who are increasingly embracing a "forever renter" mentality.
  • Lifestyle Prioritization: Luxury apartments offer a curated living experience, replete with high-end amenities, concierge services, and a vibrant community atmosphere, catering to those who prioritize quality of life over traditional homeownership.
  • Urban Living: Strategic locations in bustling city centers place residents at the heart of cultural and professional hubs, appealing to urbanites seeking proximity to work, entertainment, and social scenes.

As the demand for luxury apartments continues to soar, so does the demand for this audience segment’s attention. Media buyers and brands need to think about how they can connect with these affluent consumers. Traditional channels like TV command fewer eyeballs than ever, and younger generations increasingly consume ad-free content or use ad blockers.

A New Way to Connect: Residential Elevator Advertising

In the last few years, residential elevator advertising has exploded across North America, with Vertical Impression alone providing access to over 820 premier apartment communities in 85+ markets. This enables brands to connect with this lucrative market in a comfortable, captive setting. Elevator ads offer a unique opportunity to reach affluent audiences directly where they live, with repeated exposure and a distraction-free environment.

Beyond offering an audience's full attention, elevator ads boast impressive lift across channels when incorporated into integrated campaigns. COMMB research shows amplification of other channels when included alongside elevator ads, resulting in 31% higher paid search conversions, 56% more engagement on paid social, and an 80% increase in search traffic.

As the cohort of discerning, high-income renters exponentially grows, so too does the opportunity for brands to put their messages alongside this demographic's living experiences. By harnessing elevator advertising's captive, distraction-free environment and contextual persuasion, media strategists can create a lasting impression with the affluent renters driving this transformation.


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