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How Audi found $100K+ reasons to love elevator advertising. [Case Study]

How Audi used our digital-out-of-home network to drive sales.

May 14, 2020

From balloons to billboards, car manufacturers and dealers have always relied on forms of out-of-home advertising to promote their businesses. Though oversized billboards or tv ads seem impressive giving you a lot of exposure, they are expensive and miss the mark on reaching the right audience. A sign-spinning teenager at an intersection is a cliche we all love but isn’t as effective as it once used to be.

Finishing at 1,142% return on ad spend with more test drives.

Southgate Audi knew that getting people to test their cars is half the battle to signing the deal. They wanted to test a new marketing medium to maximize their ROI and to finally get insight into the performance of their marketing campaigns. By leveraging Vertical Impression’s digital-out-of-home network they got in front of their ideal customer - high-income professionals interested in driving a new luxury vehicle.

All the secrets can be found in our case study. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Audi reached their ideal customers through our demographic and location targeting and ended up with $100K+ in sales and 1,142% return on their ad spend.
  • How Audi leveraged our data to attribute sales to the campaign to get confidence in their marketing efforts.
  • How we use audience analytics and gave Audi further insight into the characteristics of their ideal customers.
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