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Campaign Building Tools

Find your target audience, select your Vertical Impression OOH screens, and price your campaign!

Pick your audience

via Spotzi

Pick your target audience using location and demographic factors, then select the screens you want

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Price your campaign

via Elev8 Proposal Builder

Use our campaign pricing tool to take your screen list and price to match the client's budget.

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Create your contract

via Operative

If you have access to operative, click here to create a new contract based on your campaign prices.

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How to build and price a Vertical Impression OOH campaign:


Determine your audience

via Spotzi

Login to Spotzi and use the various filters to target the audience your client is looking for. This could include geographic region, demographics, or census data.


Pick your Screens

via Spotzi

Once your audience is set, narrow the quantity of screens to match your target budget. It doesn't have to be perfect! We'll trim the list down later.


Create a Campaign Proposal

via Elev8

Login to Elev8 and create a new proposal. This will allow you to import your Spotzi buildings and price the campaign. Remeber to save each proposal.


Create a Flight +
Import  Screens from Spotzi

via Elev8

Once you've created a campaign, you can add a flight and import your building list from Spotzi. Click the "Import from Spotzi" button to copy the most recent list.


Trim the Building List To Fit the Client Budget

via Elev8

Using the building list selector and the discount option, trim your campaign down so that it matches your client's target budget.


Save Your Proposal
+ Present to Client

via Elev8

Once you're happy with the proposal,  save it and present the pricing to your client. Take a screen capture of the "Campaign Summary" section and add it to a Powerpoint slide.


Create the I/O
for the client

via Operative

Once your client has confirmed their campaign, create an I/O for them to sign-off on. Login to operative or ask your Sales Ops team for help with this.


After client signing, click "Submit for Scheduling"

via Elev8

After your client has signed their contract, return to your proposal and click "Submit for Scheduling". This notifies our ad-ops team to put your campaign in production.

Guides, Sales Tools, and Documents

We've created some way for you learn the programs on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions - A big list of answers to the most common questions for using Spotzi and the Elev8 Proposal Builder

Smart Mock-Ups - A tool to build your own ad mock-ups for our screens.

Spotzi - Audience Mapping - PDF Guide
A visual guide of how to use Spotzi to select your screens and target audience.

Elev8 Proposal Builder - PDF Guide
A visual guide of how to use Elev8 to price a campaign and create a proposal

Video - How to use the Spotzi Radius Tool
Learn how to use the radius tool to select buildings within a certain area.

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How to use Spotzi

How to use Elev8 Proposal Builder

Guides, Sales Tools, and Documents

Spotzi: Mapping Tool

Learn how to use the mapping program

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ELEV8: Proposal Builder

Learn how to use the mapping program

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Out-of-home Sales Docs

Product info and sales docs

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